Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More CVS Deals 4/10 - 4/16

(6) Poweraid - 3/$4 (only three are shown in the picture)
used (2) $1/3 coupon that was located on the door of the cooler
paid $6 for 6 and received $2 ECB ($0.67 each after ECB)

(3) Honest Tea - 3/$4
used (3) $1/1 from recyclebank*
paid $1 for 3 and received $1 ECB

(1) Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Hand Soap - $3.99
used (1) CVS Beauty Club Coupon for a free full size Essence of Beauty Antibacterial collection product

(1) 20 oz Coke - $1.79
(1) King Size Reese's - $1.69
used (1) $2 off any beverage or candy CVS coupon (this coupon appears to ring up at $2 regardless of the price of the candy/beverage you choose)
used (1) $1 off any 20 oz Coke product AND King size Reese's candy (found on the door of the Coke cooler)
Paid $0.48 for both (plus $0.05 for bottle deposit)

(1) Green Bag Tag - $0.99
There had been reports that these are free in some areas when you buy three of the Honest Tea drinks but that doesn't seem to be the case in my area.  I did decide to buy it anyway.  It's meant to be attached to your reusable bags and scanned each time you use it at the store.  After the fourth scan you'll receive $1 ECB so it will essentially pay for itself after the first four trips and then after that be an investment.  The sales woman told me it can even be used in situations where you don't need a bag.  So even if you don't attach it to a reusable bag but you stop into a CVS for a soda (or some other small item that doesn't require bagging) they will still scan it for you.

Total before coupons and ECB - $29.62
Total out of pocket after coupons and previously earned ECB - $0.88
Received $3.00 ECB toward future purchase

*Recyclebank is a program that rewards green living.  Whether you are are pledging to use less energy, increase your at-home recycling or even just learning how you can increase the green in your home and neighborhood, they'll reward you through grocery store savings, drugstore coupons, and discounts on the brands you buy every day.  Some communities are set up to weigh the amount your household recycles each week and award points.  My community is not one of them but I'm still able to earn points by doing other activities.  These points can be redeemed for high value coupons.

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