Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips and Secrets

I'll periodically update when I learn of money saving tips or tactics that I believe may not be common knowledge.

  • Many CVS stores start their Sunday deals on Saturday.  If your store is one of them there are a couple good reasons to do your shopping for the upcoming sales a little early.
    • A lot of times CVS will have similar deals week to week that may allow you to "double dip." When you shop on Saturday you get to take advantage of that week's current sales as well as the sales for the upcoming week.  For example, CVS may run a promotion one week where they mark a product down in price and then a promotion the following week for ECB (Extra Care Bucks) for purchasing a certain amount of that product.  By shopping on Saturday you'll get the sale price AND the ECB if your purchase meets the qualifications.
    • By shopping on Saturday you'll beat the rush and have a better chance of the items you wish to purchase being in stock saving you from having to get rain checks or make several trips to the store.
  • Hannaford sells the Sunday paper all week.  I usually purchase 4 newspapers each week for the coupons but last week I didn't go out to pick them up until late Sunday.  The two stores that I needed to stop at were both running low on newspapers and I was only able to get my hands on two (and didn't have the energy or ambition to make any more stops).  I went out today to pick up some groceries at Hannaford and even though it was Saturday afternoon I was still able to pick up two more newspapers from last Sunday.  They do not discount the newspapers so you will still end up paying the same price but this is great to know if you aren't able to get the paper on Sunday.

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